Spotting for the first time

PRO tip number one.
The whole plane inside the picture frame. Unless you wanna get fancy with the wing shots.

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I suggest reading this, it’ll help a lot!


Don’t shoot backlit and watch your distance - Frankfurt is long distance airport and since you only have 300mm (probably only 200mm usable) you’ll have to choose your spots wisely.

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Yeah I‘ll try to do some closeups, maybe the 777 maingear if I have the possibility. And yes I‘ll read through, thanks!

Yeah I have made a whole plan on where I will be at which time

Luckily I‘ll have a scooter with me, no mood to walk 5 hours😂

Is it true that if you shoot at full focal lenght the picture quality gets a bit worse?


Depends on the lens but in your case, yes. I’ve never used it but judging from the price I would except it to be good between 70 and 135 mm, acceptable between 135 and 200 mm, and mediocre above 200 mm. I’m not saying you should only keep to within 135 or 200 mm, it’s just something to keep note of.

Also not sure how warm Frankfurt is right now but if you need higher focal lengths that may mean a spot is too far and you’ll induce a lot of heat haze.


okay will do, thanks!

Will also read through your guide, shall help aswell

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Don’t hesitate to PM me if you want any clarifications.

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Would 2 Batteries be enough for 7 hours?

Yeah, that’ll be plenty. I generally only go through half of a battery in 7 hours.

Phew alright😂 I was worried for a sec


You lucky people who have special places just to planespot…

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If available, use spotting guides. They will easily help you with that slot to pick to avoid backlit photos, get good angles, including nearby spots for sustenance. Simply match your time, and sometimes season to a spotting point and you’ll be on your way.

I think normally especially the 18 viewpoint should be good (at least from midday onwards), as you shouldn’t have heat haze issues being directly at the runway, nor distance issues.

The runway is still closed in the moment as far as I am aware, so have an eye on that.

Otherwise less heat haze on departures/landings from Zeppelinheim I assume, depends on your zoom how good of a spot this is. Never been personally spotting in FRA though.

I can also recommend the spotter guide below, but please keep in mind that the visitor’s terrace at Terminal 2 might still be closed, at least it was 2 month ago, and still is according to the Fraport website.

Have fun, stay hydrated and looking forward to seeing your pictures in #real-world-aviation:spotting!

Since no one has shared this:

This helps a lot!


That must have cost a lot!!

First spotting session! DONE✅

Hope you like them🥴

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The heat haze😭

Dang these are good

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