Spotting for the first time! / @LFBD (July 25th of 2022)

Hello everyone!

Today, I decided to PlaneSpot at my home airport to see the rare Runway 29 arrival, because most of the time, Runway 23 is used.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera, so I spotted with my Phone (Samsung Galaxy A52s 5g).

Anyway, here are the pictures:

First, we have this easyJet A320N in the Neo livery, coming from Geneva

Then, this Vueling A320, from Barcelona

easyJet A320 from Glasgow

Restarting the PC-12 @AvioesEJogos, of JetFly, coming from Annemasse

This VoLoTeA A319 for @Maxime_Flying and @Robin3, coming from Ajaccio

A Cessna 680A Citation Latitude, from Antaya

Helvetic E190, from Zurich

A Ryanair (operating for Malta Air) 737-800, from Stansted

A little Air France Hop E170STD, from Nice

Ryanair (Malta Air) 737-800, from Barcelona

Thanks for looking at my topic, and yes Ik, phones aren’t great for PlaneSpotting, but the A52s 5g as an excellent camera quality for it!

Which one(s) is (are) your favourite?

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Magnificent shots! Always great to see users spotting, especially in 🇫🇷


I smell bias.
Please don’t stab me with a baguette. 🥺


I smell the Flag Button here JK


Niceeee Volotea 😍 ,great shots mate 👍✌️💯


Why do older Samsung phones ah e better camera quality than the newest Apple tech

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I wouldn’t really call the A52s 5g “old”, cause this is a Phone from August 2021 (one year old soon)

Still though, older Samsung phones are good cameras

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Nice shots @Alex_Kraz 😍😍😍

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Thanks mate!

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