Spotting FedEx Global Headquarters @ MEM

Cloudy sky’s didn’t deter my efforts for spotting at Memphis for the first time.

The hardest part was learning the area for shots and aligning the grass/flowers with the shot I was wanting.

Sorry if they look to much alike, I tryed a lot of different angles and techniques.

First up, this is why you never spot without a wide angle lense!

Worked hard for this one. Kinda surprised myself on this one.


Stupid fence messed my shot up.

After the 5th attempt to get the alignment right for this to kinda come out decent. Obstacles are a major concern for spotters.

Who says the sun never comes out when you need it?

The only parking garage shot worthy of sharing for the day.

I got “the wave”! 😃

Can’t leave out the Rocket!

That’s a lot of tail fins boys and girls!

Thanks for viewing.


Try to check your topic category before posting, I’ve moved it over for you.


Forgot about that, thanks.

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Ooh. Is that an MD-11 I see…


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Oh yea, so much better close up to view them.

I just realized I posted a duplicate image. So I replaced it with one I’ve been wanting to get for awhile.

Cell Phone Lot at MEM. Great closer up action of there departing 18s

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It’s definitely spotter friendly. The ground shots are of them back taxiing after landing headed for their own terminal.

Great shots! Love the grass in the foreground in some of these. And especially all those lined up tails. Nice job!

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Thanks, I was trying for some contrast in the foreground with the green grass. There was spotty areas of yellow spring flowers in certain areas mixing in with the grass and clover.

With the amount of traffic Memphis has of FedEx planes, I had plenty of practice and opportunity for trial and error.

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