Spotting Fails - The best fails from your spotting expeditions!


Beat this!


When the light pole is like, “let me just ruin your shot because I can” LOL.


tru rain shots suck. Here’s mines

This one I had to cover the top lens to prevent any reflections. :) it looks great actually


First time seeing on of these planes… And I had to use my phone 👌


Lol. I don’t really care though be cause I still got some good ones of the Queen :)


Lampposts. That’s all there is to it.


Embraer Brasilia + Snowing + Low Visibility =


Wind and a lot of luck made this possible


I got such a similar photo to yours! i have one of a LOT Boeing 737MAX at LHR!



image Silly Focus went on the tree instead of the dang plane


Is that an Air Canada 777-200?


I don’t know what airline it was, this was some time ago, I only know this was a 777


Only you can tell me if it was worth trying…



I used my phone.

Forgot to put one of Lufthansa


Missed the special livery because of window panels.


Saw the plane of my dreams and it came out blurry


Man, that must’ve been so upsetting.☹️


It was. It looked great in person though


At least you even got a picture of it🤷‍♂️