Spotting Fails - The best fails from your spotting expeditions!


It’s not the camera it’s my unsteady hand


I would consider this a fail.


where is it ?


I believe that’s TFFR, his home airport.


I’m pretty sure that that’s not the terminal. It’s the bridge connecting the AirTrain station to the parking lot.


Whaaat? This picture is beautiful in my opinion!!!
How can you even say the word “fail” when you discribe this picture


Yeah, connecting t5, i just called it a terminal


Is that elon musk?


No, that’s Mike! You don’t know him. He just works at the airport! Lol.


Yeah, I gues your right. I could edit it to make it really nice!


Now, I’m not saying that this would’ve been a good picture without the huge beacon splotch thingy, but…it would’ve been nice to have had something slightly usable (even if it is out of focus a little). And I’m not good with photoshop so that’s never coming out


lol not the person in bottom right, the one that is landing


yes sir
that’s correct


So I am taken to JFK terminal 7 for the first time and what do I see? An Alaska 739 followed by 2 BA 747s (with two more on the opposite end).
Here’s the result:


Might not be that bad but screw that blur.😐


Soooo I flew on Frontiers “Cali The Mountain Lion” A321 to Denver in 2017. In 2018 I saw it in the terminal at STL. Here’s what I got.



You can also say darn to the windows…


Haha yes, that is what happened to all of my pictures from there


That’s just like Detroit!




That’s actually Missouri One