Spotting Fails - The best fails from your spotting expeditions!


@Pro_FS use this for photo fixes please



Okay, Thanks! =)


Yes it was :) I spotted it while boarding my flight to KSEA in the 100 Year Anniversery Livery for Alaska.


In this episode of Frankfurt Spotting we have an Air Namibia A330, a British Airways Golden Dove A320, and no picture quality whatsoever.


Cover your hand over the top of the camera if your going to to do terminal spotting 😊. I learned it the hard way.


@AXEL_GAMING I guess that would apply to me too…! Maybe idk


It applies to anyone who is gonna terminal spot. Your not alone


ohhh that’s cool, thank you

how you did that ?


Me: We are going to Orlando, on the same day!
Friend: Great! Who are you going with?
Me: TUI Airways on their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner! (I picked that purposely just so I could fly the Dreamliner! :P)
Friend: Ahhh, I’m flying BA. Seen as you take off before me, I will take a picture and send it to you!
Me; Ok…

I get this when I get to Orlando…

I mean, it could have been worse, I could have taken it! Still, its not the best quality!


Photoshop on iOS is all you need


ah ok ok
I generally use lightrrom on microsoft but this one is not bad too


Went fence spotting. Yeet


we took a picture of the same max 8 just different airports


It’s not focused.


KORDs Specialties;

Poles n’ Wires…


I love running thru the terminal and trying to photograph.


Like when you hear someone in the terminal say “ look, an airbus 777-400”!!!





Could have been a very nice picture…


Never trust an iPhone X camera, ok?