Spotting Fails - The best fails from your spotting expeditions!


I feel so sorry for you.


This right here is a classic. No, it is not a camera glitch.


Its a race between the birds, the 737, and the Tahoe


Right on point.


Fuel tanks got in the way, and the phone refused to focus after zooming in. It also simply refused to zoom in.


Is that in KPDX? (Portland, OR)


I’ll answer for yah, yes, it is. I compared his photo with mine.


When I went spotting today, most of my shots were just a blur.


This was a super old post but that is a 747-400F (by the looks of it, that’s how it was built). Still a fail, but there are a few of those around haha


$5 on the Tahoe


I actually enjoy this picture


1st photo: When you see a 747 fly overhead and the camera’s like NOPE. taken in a school parking lot LOL
2nd photo: yea the photo expains itself well. taken at KAUS


Shutter speed is important lol


Yea I know. 😂the fact that it took me by surprise didn’t give me enough time to actually line up. I was terminal spotting because it was raining outside.


I was in the car, just back from spotting at O’Hare, with my DSLR at home. Of course, TWO 747s MUST FLY ABOVE ME, one KLM and one Lufthansa classic livery. I only had my phone. Nuff’ Said.


Oh noooo, it is a BEACON! 😭


A Star Alliance A340, first special livery and A340 I had ever seen, didn’t get to good of a picture. :(


Today I spotted a special livery except my phone camera didn’t turn on in time.


I live in Tokyo and TAM or now LATAM doesn’t fly to Japan so I wanted to take this TAM B763 at MMMX but, do you guys think it kinda turned out good out bad?

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Honestly I think focusing on the droplets with the plane in the background gives the photo a creative touch