Spotting Fails - The best fails from your spotting expeditions!


@Delta767 lol that plane has no gear


I don’t even know what this is, lol!


bad weather in the morning in barcelona haha


When the camera isn’t good enough to take a propper photo of this rare sight (Air Belgium)


Backlit. Oof

Cut off the tail rip


Yeesh thats painful.


I saw a Cargojet 767 at YYZ and due to me being across the road and really lazy I only shot the front. It was with a phone so it couldn’t zoom. And it was also a terrible photo.


I tried to take a picture of a 727 cockpit. It didn’t work.


Delta A350 diverted to MSP but the runway equipment got in the way of my head on picture.


So I went to my relatives house who recently moved. If I had known the new place was under the final approach path of Mumbai Intl, I would have brought along a proper camera… 😡

So I missed high quality close up pics of an A350, A380, 5 777s, a couple 787s and A330s, a 737-8 MAX, and a FedEx MD11…

the above image is from my phone and does not show at all how close the planes really are. I could cleary see the windows even from where I was


So unlucky aha, better luck next time


See for yourself with what is wrong…


Tried to get some pics at KMIA when I was last there but they turned out to be terrible because of the rain and other things.


When your taking a photo and your aircraft does a 8500 VS Takeoff. (And your Canon Camera goes low quality on you)



No picture, as this was on my phone. At CYYZ there is a great spot, but it’s hard to capture with phones because of The 100 m to runway. I have a photo, but it’s bad.


When you decide to be a pro and take photos with your DSLR in manual mode for the first time…


AUTOFOCUS! Also, I would recommend checking this out: A spotter's guide to photographing aviation.


That runway equipment ruined a kinda good photo of a specially rare aircraft…


Yeah, but 717s are still a rare catch, no matter where.


this photo ment to be stunning as the hell, but I failed with the focus ) ; (I was and I am still in manual)