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I just got a new Aeroflot 777-300ER Model Scale 1:1
And this was reposted by @spottingfails on insta


Don’t you just love trees


When you try to take a nice picture of the plane landing and there is no spot in the window without having to see rain. (Thanks Alaska).


I live in NH and I drove to Boston for plane spotting but didn’t check the weather beforehand and the fog at the airport was so thick I couldn’t see five feet in front of me. Stayed there for half the day waiting to see if it would clear up… it didn’t all I could do was listen to the planes for five hours


light spot issue again


And the darned pole too


Took this from the SDF terminal



Yeah our sunshine at certian times isn’t friendly…


I know. I don’t live too far from there (about 1h30 drive) and it SUCKS!

BTW: this photo was taken in Nov. 2017


Saw Illinois one but my camera kinda sucks.


There’s a lot wrong with this picture 😂


That A350 is POLE DANCING 😂 hahaaa


Well, I have to admit. That girl is sexy!


What do you mean by that?


Hinata is probably talking about the post made by icegamesHD, who was talking about the william’s picture. (An A350 that was blocked by a light pole).


I kinda didn’t want to take a pic in the rain with the ground crew & then our old flag pole right near the camera


Here is my attempt at seeing a British Airways 747

At least I got other photos of it.


Polls 🙄


Ugh, when I spotted at LaGuardia that was the end of me.


There are many things wrong with this picture.