Spotting Fails - The best fails from your spotting expeditions!


This photo was when I was at the airport at Boston I’m from Maryland so my main airport is Ronald Reagan international my flight had to take multiple stops.


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My fail😅 company: Aviation Link Company AC: B767 Airport: LIMJ


Not trying to be a downer… but this seems like a waste of space for the forum. I know the mods were trying to limit how many photos we could post in some catagories because of limited space available, so why would we post bad pictures? As funny as they can sometimes be.

Just my opinion. I do like some of the fails though.


For some reason phone refused to zoom in, looked like an antonov too, don’t see those a lot where I’m from


Soooo why don’t you flag the topic instead of wasting a post telling me that?


This would have been a great photo if my camera decided to focus, which it didn’t. Anyways here’s an attempt of photographing a TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330-232 On the Star Alliance Livery.


Please focus camera!


Arrgghh I got too close!
And I only had my phone (I don’t have a legit camera)


This was the shot I got just before the pan (see my latest spotting thread)


And to top that off the CRJ was the only special livery I saw on my trip


Who else hates fences?


Ouch that hurts…


It’s ok, that was the worst one. I have a few shots where the fence isn’t an issue. 😉


Last Thursday I went to the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake district to try and get some photos of military aircraft at low level. Shortly after i arrived an RAF Tucano flew past before I had started climbing up the side of the valley. I spent several hours on the hillside waiting for aircraft to fly through, but nothing came. The Tucano was the only plane I saw.

One of my photos was ruined by the sun.

Something very similar happened a few weeks earlier, when I was at Dunmail Raise, also in the Lake District, waiting for the Red Arrows to fly through en route to Blackpool. Unfortunately they changed their route at short notice, so i never saw them, or anything else for that matter.


Good picture, but not so good experience.


I wouldnt say the sun one was bad. You crop it right and it becomes a good artistic one. Add some light editing in and you could get something really nice with it.


Sometimes when the photo is technically perfect it can be hard to get over the 100$ phone it was taken on 😂


Almost got the last Asiana 747-400…


just got love it when your moving and your camera decides to not focus