Spotting Fails - The best fails from your spotting expeditions!


I guess, way to look on the bright side!


Saw the special livery for Icelandair then flew on there other special livery for there soccer team and only got this one bad shot


When you try to get a photo on a plane looking at another plane. Long Story short I bashed my head into the seat in front of me on landing :D



Atleast the quality is great!


Bad pic
1 JFK poles
2 took it while driving
3 bad camera


ehhhrrmmm that is not adviseable lol



I tried to make it brighter


I guess the A350 loves Pole Dance 😂😂😂


I was going to spot at Orlando, but didn’t have my camera out, and saw the Emirates 777!



Tom u gonna get some good ones from KLGA
(I’m flying Tom)


Ouch. I don’t like it when there are all the cars and the fences and lamposts in the picture its usually so hard to crop. That is what happens when you forget to find the good spotting places.


Lol I wasent spotting I was driving and I happend to see a plane Cmng in for landing so I snapped a pic 😂


Poles at Hong Kong International…


My Camera went out of battery so I used my phone on this one which has the worst camera on earth


Must be a Samsung…

Its only a joke


And the funny part is that they say the iPhone 📱 X-ray is good (not gonna lie) but I went for the first time to clutters park at la and the camera wasn’t that great

maybe cause it’s from far

But I’ll try to look for the photos


I always love poles!

I can’t even save the picture sadly

I just realized how blurry the picture is…