Spotting Fails - The best fails from your spotting expeditions!


Week 1: Spotting Fails Competition

  • JRRaviation - Failed BA 772 Pan
  • Kyle.Plane - Failed Focus on TU-204 (Air Koryo)
  • Daniel14 - Boeing 787 sun glare fail.
  • Thomas - Failed focus on AN225
  • GaplessHiding - Emirates A380 featuring Mr.Pole!

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Spotting Fails - The best fails from spotting expeditions on the Infinite Flight Community!

Greeting, and welcome to #SpottingFails! I’m your host, Jacob! Spotting fails is a community topic where everyone post their best fails, and not their best pictures. Sure, we do like good pictures… But what we really like is a good fail.

Every week I plan on selecting a featured fail to be on the top of this topic. There will be a weekly poll for the best fails, and the winner (obviously) wins! I know we have plenty of spotters here on the IFC, and I look forward to the bets submissions.

Rules and information to submitting your #SpottingFail

I know the mods want a well organized topic, so I will go ahead and seat a few guidelines.


By doing this, you are ruining the point of the topic and honestly you should make a spotting topic for your best photos. By doing a spotting fails topic, I hope to bring more life into #real-world-aviation:spotting.

Post 1 fail per post. Please do not include multiple fails, as this makes the competiton harder to manage.
You may submit a new fail every week, but please just post 1 fail per week.

How the competition works:

  1. Someone may submit 1 photo of a spotting fail. Members are asked to only post 1 fail per week.\
  2. The top 4 posts with the most likes will be nominated for voting 2 days before the week ends.
  3. The competition starts on Monday, voting will start on Friday, and the winner will be announced on Sunday night.
  4. Each winner will receive a special mention on my Instagram page (@jrraviation) and will have their fail archived in the main topic.


Side note: I want to thank my good friends Ben, Chris, and Andrew for giving me the idea to make this topic. Please check out their spotting fails account on Instagram!

Previous Spotting Fails Winners

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What was your worst spotting experience?

Well, I’ll be the first to submit. I was panning this weekend with a few friends during Experience Aviation Day, and it didn’t go so well with 1/30 of a second! I did not get 1 good picture of this BA 777-200ER, but here is the “Best” one I got:


When you see the Air Koryo TU-204 but the camera focuses on the rain 🤦‍♂️ It’s the blob on the right…


When the sun doesn’t want you to take a photo of a 787 in storage:


Once in a lifetime opportunity, Antonov An-225 at Prague. I was about to get an amazing shot of it passing over, last minute runway change AND camera refused to focus. Ouch.


JFK’s specialty, POLES

My specialty, shooting at airplanes that are too far away and getting pics with a bunch of heat distortion

Both come together to form a not-so-great image
The HUGE watermark also adds to this effect 😂


I was at KATL with the Southwest Warrior One (Same 737-800 that’s in IF) on final. All of the pictures I got were blurry, were incomplete (just part of the plane), or had something in the way:


There’s a ton of fails going on in this pic

  • Not a real camera
  • Lighting
  • Pole
  • People

And to top it off it had to be a special livery too


We all love a good ol’ light pole!


I have another of Warrior One, where a car drove right in front of the shot.


Wire spotting is always the best, except when a plane has to ruin the picture


When you finally see the plane you’ve been wanting to spot for a couple of years and your crappy IPad camera decides to focus on the…GLASS


When you aren’t moving the camera forward fast enough and the nose gets cut off!


Stupid light post


same for me, those boring light posts


yeah need to bring a ladder on some of these longer take off rolls. That fence is a pain in the butt


The good ole heat distortion a yearly problem I have hear in Orlando. Even in January I had it.


I lost the back here



But in bandung you have those stage right? Very famous place to spot…