Spotting @ ESSB October 28th, 2019

Spotting at Bromma Airport

Some of the shots I took yesterday at Bromma Airport, Stockholm. Bromma is quite a small airport regional airport. Daily flights to many domestic destinations, however, both Finnair and Brussels Airlines have daily flights to their hubs.

OH-ATL holding short of RWY 30.
Aircraft: ATR 72
Airline: Finnair, operated by: NORRA - Nordic Regional Airlines

SE-MKC landing RWY 30.
Aircraft: ATR 72
Airline: BRA

A6-ECR flying above on approach to Arlanda [ESSA]
Aircraft: Boeing 777-31H(ER)
Airline: Emirates

OO-SSV landing RWY 30.
Aircraft: Airbus A319-111
Airline: Brussels Airlines

LN-AWD landing RWY 30.
Aircraft: Beech 300 Super King Air 350
Airline: Airwing

SE-DSU heading to Malmö [ESMS], taxiing to the runway,
Aircraft: Avro RJ100
Airline: BRA

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There are some advantages to bring good gloves if it is going to be windy and 4 degrees. Otherwise, your hands and fingers are going to freeze a lot. I have to remember that next time. :)

Give me your thoughts on the photos!


I love the shot of the Brussels airlines one!

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Ah, seeing Emirates fly over-head en-route to Arlanda, while a ATR-72 operated by BRA is inbound for landing at Bromma, that’s what I call Daily Aviation Life here in Stockholm 😍

Lovely Pictures, really great to see spottings from Bromma Airport. Not often that I swung by there, but always fun to see the smaller aircraft fly 🛫

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Once you have been there you don’t have to go there again, the variety of aircraft and airlines is quite small. 😂 Not like Arlanda, where I usually do planespotting.

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Oh! A fellow Swede who’s spotting just around the corner. Nice! :)


And that’s how every Horror Movie manuscript starts, with the title being; “The Läskigheter At Bromma” 😂

Slightly edited the quotation + Swedish Lesson Time, Läskighet = Scariness, so now ya’ll non-Swedes can spook Seb :P

Very nice shots (especially the BRA ATR)! Thanks for sharing!

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The last picture is sexy!!

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Shush you!
We are coming for you this weekend!


Nice pictures! I love how OH-ATL has a black mask now.

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