Spotting @ENGM Oslo airport, Norway


I guess so. Atleast SAS will be starting to take deliveries of their A350s that they ordered. We need something new and fresh at ARN!


Those A350’s will be nice to have. Maybe they can do like Ethiopian that you can see in on the pictures above that SAS lunches a possible route OSL-ARN-HND or something, connecting Oslo and Stockholm with Asia?


Yeah that would be great. SAS need do expand into Asia from Stockholm and Oslo in my opinion. Just flying to Hong Kong isn’t enough according to me. Didn’t SAS fly to Bangkok from Stockholm before or have I just dreamt that?


I think they did… Today Thai flies that route from OSL-BKK / ARN-BKK with 777-300ER wich i never get to see, hmm let’s do some spotting at ARN will mostly find A320 and B737 not Atlas 747, what a beauty and gorgeous picture taken here as well :)

And let’s not get to off-topic now ;)


Completely wrong, Copenhagen airport has added barriers right next to the fence next to Runway 22L.

To all spots:

It’s a little bit tricky to get to the spots because they are far apart from each other and a car can be very helpful here. Sadly parking is very difficult at some locations and public transport (or walking by foot from the terminal) is also a possibility.

There is always something in the way: Bird Control, Light Poles, Bushes etc.
Heat haze, all the time.

Copenhagen Airport is not even close to being good regarding Planespotting.

However, EKCH offers some nice airlines indeed.

Also, if you’re going to EKCH for planespotting hit me up for the best spotting locations.
But yeah the security at EKCH is HIGH.

Making it the airport of Scandinavia which has highest security so far.


Regarding that, I believe SAS will start fly to Havana.

Take a look at this, may possibly be with the SAS a350.


Those are the most underserved routes by SAS from Copenhagen, that’s because they already have flight to USA and Asia. Personally i’m talking from a Swedish standpoint where Arlanda and SAS have been discussing and debating for ages about opening a direct flight between ARN-HND which should be possible with their A350’s added to their fleet. Also that they could connect Oslo while they’re at it. And remember SAS is owned by all three countries that together form what is called Scandinavia so ARN and OSL needs more routes to Asia, mainly Seoul and Tokyo as demand rises but Copenhagen doensät, thay already have A340’s on routes to Tokyo…

And why did you bring up Copenhagen, it’s not like i ever mentioned Denmark, i neither live there nor have been there…
Good for them that they have high security measurements but i wasn’t really talking about that tho… I was saying how beautiful these pictures are and you couldn’t take good ones here in Arlanda so idk where Copenhagen and its security fits in…? And oh yea thanks for pointing that out but i know that they have barriers around RWY 22L, seen it in videos of when Emirates began their flights with A380 there.

Note: Now this is getting way too off-topic, so let’s end our discussion here before it goes too far, and nope i don’t have the time nor will to take this over to PM to further discuss this matter as i’ve already explained pretty much everything i’d like to say about this. Thanks for reading and have a good day :)


All the photos are stunning!


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