Spotting @ENGM Oslo airport, Norway


I did some spotting at Oslo airport today and last week. Hope you enjoy!

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Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 sunset climb-out
Reg: N446MC

Icelandair Boeing 757-200 climbing out of rwy 19R today (Previous American Airlines N642AA)

Lufthansa Airbus 320-200

KLM Embraer E190 climb-out rwy 19L

Ethiopian Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner climb-out rwy 19L

Nordica CRJ-900, beautiful livery!

SAS CRJ-900 rollout rwy 19R

Wideroe Dash 8-100 climb-out rwy 19R


Look at that Atlas 😍
I don’t see those in ARN because they too big for ARN to handle 😒
And the SAS CRJ! Always a beauty to see here in Sweden as well :)

Great Pics, lovely indeed :D


Yeah she is a beauty for sure!
Too bad! Tuesdays are cargodays here, so hope to be able to capture some more tomorrow.


Nice shots as always. Hopefully we’ll be seeing that SAS Crj in the upcoming months as the -900 variant gets released in the sim.



Love the Atlas! 😍 Looks like it flew from my
home airport, to Brussels, and then Oslo.


Who shrunk the Dash 8?! 😂


Different model dash 8-100 compared to the longer body of the 400 Flybes one


Very nice — sharp photos! You captured some great angles and planes!


I guess it’s a Dash .8


Fine bilder!
(Sorry for bad norwegian, ahah)


That was not bad norwegian! 👍


Thanks! And your Norwegian is perfect 😊


Ah, Thanks. lol, I know a bit Norwegian.Cough Cough


Yeah… well, let’s just say I know abit norwegian… Cough Cough Hmm… yeah that’s what I tried to point out lol


I am pretty sure ARN has handled 747 freighters before. I believe that Korean sent one before


I got some cool shots this afternoon. But I will not spam this community with them. So check out my Instagram if you guys are interested.


They have before but unfortunately not anymore. Korean Air Cargo sends a 77F nowadays :(


Yeah. ARN is getting a it boring nowadays in my opinion. I would love to see an a380 or a b747 again at ARN but the odds of the 747 coming back isn’t really high at all. However I think ARN expanded atleast one gate to be able to handle a380 so I guess there is at least hope for one of those.


Your photos @Andre_S are amazing! 😉
You got a new Insta follower.


You stole my words out of my mouth xD
Tråkigt är exakt hur jag skulle beskriva ARN…
But even if Arlanda were to expand, the A380 is still a dying project for Airbus, with only Emirates ordering them.
But look at those beautiful planes at Oslo, fine picture can be taken there unlike here…