Spotting EHAM May 13 2023

Hello and welcome to another spotting topic. I had a beautiful day at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol yesterday and here are the best pictures I took.

First we have a special one of Transavia Holland. It’s the so-called ‘Peter Pan’’ livery. The registration is PH-HSI and it came in from Kefalonia.

Secondly we have a real rare airline. But I was lucky to catch it and with me a bunch of another spotters were. This is the Hi Fly Malta A340-312, 9H-SUN, doing MLA-AMS-MLA for Air Malta.

The next bird came in for a second attempt after a go-around. It’s the beautiful ‘Queen of the skies’, the B744 of Silk Way West Airlines, 4K-BCH.

Of course the Italians were present and they showed off their classy A320 NEO. This time they came with the EI-INC, performing the FCO-AMS flight as AZ108.

There was also a big Chinese Boeing 777F, delivering goods after a 10hr flight. It was the B-2073 coming from Chongqing.

Finally we see a Boeing 777-300ER (PH-BVO) from KLM just before touchdown after a visit to Curaçao.

That’s it for now. See you next time and enjoy the rest of your day!


Great shots !


Great shots

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Nice shots there ! :)

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Great shots. Wanna go plane spotting together with me somethime? I will go very often to Amsterdam Schiphol for some plane spotting!!!

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