Spotting EHAM/AMS

Hi there! Here are some spotting photos of EHAM/AMS of a couple different dates.

KLM 77W Orange Pride

Silk Way cargo 748F on Q

A380 rotating

Garuda Indonesia lining up RWY 18L

Emirates splashy take off

Flybe E190 on Q

Turkish A330 Troy livery waiting for a gate

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Very nice pictures!
On another note, edit the title so it only says “EHAM” once. :)

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Lol, thanks!

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What camera do you use?

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Really nice! love the Emirates! Keep it up

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Canon EOS 750D + Canon 18-55mm IS STM and a 55-250mm IS STM.
I really like the 750D. It’s not too expensive, and delivers awesome pics.

I’m planning on buying the Tamron 100-400


Thanks man!!

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Really nice photos! Love the variety of closeups and full length shots.

-Moosehead :)

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Amazing photos! My favourite one is the Emirates 380!

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Aww these are fantastic! 🤤

That Embraer looks cool! 😎

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Thanks mate!!

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Thanks, aprreciate it!

Thank you very much!!

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The Emirates 777 one is amazing!

Keep up the good work

Thanks Benny!

Nice photos!

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Thanks mate!

One word: Breathtaking.

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Wow those are awesome shots!

Hard to pick a favorite out of those, but I’ll go with the A380

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Thank you so much!!