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It was rather cold with slight rain. At 17 degrees celcius, June 2018, a foreigner walks on unpaved road to a planespotting location called Myrtle Avenue because he doesn’t know the wae. It was beside a farm. I smelled cow dung, I saw posh houses, I heard jet engines every minute or so. I stood on an empty patch of land, not knowing if I stepped on trash and took some photos as shown below:

Boeing 787

Airbus A380

If anyone knows the wae to Myrtle Avenue from Hatton Cross please tell me so that I won’t have to walk on unpaved road.


Nice pictures!

But were any of them BA279 to KSJC?

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No, because SJC is irrelevant compared to SFO. 🤷🏼‍♂️




KSJC is WAY BETTER than that fool KSFO


Nice pictures! Especially the Qatar A380.

Good view of these planes. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to get to Myrtle Avenue just look it up on Google Earth or Maps and you will get there easily. They get such a nice view up there, which makes me pretty jealous of the people living there 😄

Here we go again 🙄


I tried but I got no idea where is where…

In the 3rd picture, you can see the black narrow “road”, that’s the unpaved road I’m talking about

But do A350’s fly to KSJC?

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