Spotting@ DXB Dubai. (No Pictures due to Strict law sorry)

So while transiting at Dubai I found the most rarest planes you’ll ever find in the whole world.
First up I saw Air Astana A320NEO.
Next I saw Uzbek Air 787.
Then I saw my home airline Kuwait Airways 77W
Then I saw Indigo A320NEO, Jet Airways 737.
Well next what I saw was the most bizarre schedule I ever saw 2 Qatar Airways planes next to each other a A320 and a A330-300.


It is really annoying that this is the law, it would be great to see pictures as you got some great spots.

Why aren’t you allowed to take pictures

If we take pictures then we would have to serve a death sentence in prison.

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So there is no photos allowed at Dubai?!

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Yes that is only at Airport.

See this post below: