Spotting @ CYYC!

I’m back with some more spotting photos! Hope you all enjoy these lovely shots, taken by yours truly at Calgary Int’l Airport.

The Photos

An Air Canada A320 arrives while a Dash 8 waits to depart!

Air X Charters departing for Paris! Not everyday we see an A340 here.

An array of WestJet tails parked on the International Terminal, including the Disney Frozen livery.

Head on with an Air Canada 737-8 MAX leaving the apron for departure.

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About Me
I’m an aviation enthusiast and spotter at Calgary, in Canada. I use a Nikon D5100 with a 55-300mm lens, although I’m gonna be upgrading to a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary this summer. Hope you enjoyed these photos!


Great pics! Very nice timing on the first one.


Yeah, the first photo is legendary!

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First and last are amazing nice job!

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Thanks everyone! The first one is genuine good timing, the last one taxied towards me for like 10 seconds I got like 20 photos of it 😂😂 but thank you!

Omg that MAX photo 😍

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