Spotting @ CYYC - WestJet New Livery!

Hello community! I’m back with another spotting round from my local international, Calgary! Yesterday I found the new WestJet livery, as well as I saw WestJet Link and Korean Air Cargo! It was a great day of spotting!


WestJet’s new livery on the 737 MAX 8! The first revenue flight is on Thursday to LAS!

WestJet Link taxiing by! These Saab 340B’s are owned by PASCO and leased out to Link!

Korean Air Cargo arriving on our cross runway, 29! This was definitely a surprise arrival from yesterday!

Air Canada Q400 in the new colours taxiing out! Love the new livery now it’s grown on me since they revealed it.

Air Transat passing the Marriott! We get daily 737-800’s from them in the summer and they are certainly a treat!

That’s all for today! I hope you all enjoyed. Check me out on Instagram @rj.aviation for more amazing photos! Take care everyone.

Camera Specs
Nikon D5100
Nikkor 18-55mm
Nikkor 55-300mm
Sigma 150-600mm (Coming Soon!)


Awesome pictures! I really love the angle on that Saab! Keep it up!


Everyone might think that I’m crazy but, I didn’t know West Jet had Saab 340s! That’s very interesting news for me. Also, I can’t wait to see West Jet’s new livery flying the skies! Anyway, awesome photos you took. They are wonderful!


Link started service like 3 days ago it’s okay! Thanks for all the support!

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Yes and westjet owns PASCO Pacific Coastal airlines which flies to my city.
So really westjet can use their planes

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Great pictures! What time did that 737 come in? I work here and didn’t see it 😭

Saw the Korean land yesterday though, seeing a 747 land on 29 was a sight to say the least.

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Beautiful photos. Absolutely love the shots of the Saab and the MAX


We actually get a few of them still in the Pacific Coastal livery, I fuelled one of them yesterday!

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Great we’re do you work?

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CYYC, the same airport these pictures were taken at!

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These are amazing photos! My favorite was the 737 Max. Can’t wait to see WestJet’s new livery.

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That’s s very nice shot of the MAX

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Excuse the terrible quality, but heres a picture of C-FNWD (as seen in the original post) taking off with passengers for the first time. Taken from our loading rack just south of Apron 1.


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