Spotting @ CYYC! Feauturing Swoop and Air Canada!

Hey there community! I have some interesting shots to share with you today. Instead of using my normal 55-300mm lens, one of my friends allowed me to borrow his 200-500mm lens for yesterday’s round. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Swoop departing off 35R! They came back about an hour later as this was just a short training flight.

Air Canada’s TCA Retrojet arriving on 35R! This aircraft is often seen here at Calgary, but on the side where no Spotters are at 😑

The new paint on an A320! I’ve been chasing this bird since she was painted a few months ago.

About Me

I’m Robert and I’m a spotter in Calgary, AB. I spot at Calgary International (YYC/CYYC) using a Nikon D5100 and a 55-300mm lens. Saving up for a Sigma 150-600mm C! Follow me on Instagram @rj.aviation for more aviation content! I hope you enjoyed the photos!


Wait is Swoop operating now??? Thanks for the heads up :D I’ll add it to my aviation news for Monday

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I didn’t know Air Canada painted an A320 in the new livery! Very nice pictures as always!

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The caption says just a short training flight. They should be operating soon though if they aren’t already.

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I think it’s in a few days. That makes sense sorry when I read it that part wasn’t loaded in so I missed it.
Now that I stop and think I believe they open on the 20th of June.

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May I use a picture of the Air Canada A320 in a feature request (I will give credit)

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Yup no problem I don’t mind

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