Spotting @ CYYC - 8 Hour Round!

Hello again community! As I am typing this it is 1 o clock in the morning here in Calgary, AB. I got home from spotting at 5, went to work for 6, and have spent the 3 hours between work and now editing these photos. I spent around 8 hours at the airport, so I got to see a variety of aircraft and airlines operating throughout the day. I hope you all enjoy the photos!

The Gallery

WestJet Boeing 737-700 arriving on 35L around 9 am!

A Flair Air Boeing 737-400 wearing the new colours also arriving on 35L, just shortly after the WestJet plane!

WestJet’s ‘Mickey Mouse’ livery arriving on 17R! This was a little later on in the day, when I had moved to the other side of the airport.

WestJet’s new short-haul carrier, WestJet Link, departing off 17R! The aircraft are owned and operated by PASCO, an airline based I believe in Vancouver. The aircraft pictured is a Saab 340B.

A private Lear 45 taxiing out for it’s departure. Lately, Calgary has been seeing a great number of private jet aircraft. Not that I’m complaining!

A Summit Air RJ100 arrives on 17R from somewhere up north! These aircraft are considered to be fairly rare, so it is always a treat to see Summit brining their RJ100’s down to YYC!

A KLM A330-300 smoking the mains on 17R arriving from Amsterdam! KLM normally operates the Boeing 787-9, so it is a treat when we get the A330.

A daytime arrival of a FedEx Boeing 757-200F! This aircraft arrived from Toronto, and normally they arrive around 3 in the morning and depart about 11 pm. Today was just full of surprises!

So that wraps up the gallery for tonight! There were a couple other things that came in, like the second 737-8 MAX wearing WestJet’s new colours, and also an RCAF C-17. The C-17 was here for about 25 minutes and landed on the other runway, so I took a couple crappy photos of it. The new livery also arrived on the other runway, and then taxied directly into the WestJet hangar. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed these photos! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @rj.aviation for more daily aviation content, and you can also check out my Facebook page; Robert Johnson Photography. I don’t post there as often as I would like to, but I do try my best. Have a good day/night everyone!


Great photos! I love the KLM. 👌🏻

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