Spotting @ CYYC 11/2/17

Hey there! I went spotting at my local airport yesterday, and I figured I’d share my photos with you! I have edited them (obviously)

Camera: Nikon D5100 w/ 55-300mm lens
Any question/comments, leave them down below!


Woah, I just realized united has an unpainted belly…

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Have you spotted any new livery AC aircraft yet?

I have yet to see them. Just waiting for them to roll around.

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Ive saw a few near YYZ but never got to snap a picture of one yet

For a second I thought that was in Infinite Flight…great shots you got there, especially that 787!


That Hainan 787 is stunningly gorgeous. Great shots.


Very wonderful pictures! Very nice indeed!

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The first three look like they are from Infinite Flight! 😁


The 2nd and 3rd look the best! Great shots!

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