Spotting @ CYVR (March 22nd, 2019)

(Okay Mods, I promise this is my last spotting thread for a while)
Hey IFC! I’m back with some more spotting pics. This was a solo spotting trip, not very pleasant (check my insta story, @kmacps91), but got some good pics. I was located in a (possibly restricted) spot in front of the north runway, except on the side closest to the sea. It was very marshy.

Air Canada A319 (C-FFWJ) lands. She shows her age, but is still a beautiful plane.

An Alaska Dash 8 Q400 (New Livery). This was one of two Alaska Dash 8s I saw that day.

A China Southern 787 is on short final.

A Flair Air 737 on final, in an intersting livery.

The Queen of the Skies, Lufthansa flight 492 lands at CYVR.

An Air France 777 lands, inbound from Paris.

An Air China 777 on short final, from Beijing.

An Air Canada 787 on final.

A Delta E175 on final.

Bonus Picture!

A Westjet 737 MAX 8 takes off. At the time of the flight, it was the only MAX in the air in the world. It was on a ferry flight.

Hope y’all enjoy!


Awesome photos I love the Air France photo

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Thanks! That was a fun one.

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beautiful, I really liked it

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That’s pretty neat catching that MAX


Nice photos! :)

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Thanks! Much appreciated!

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Are these edited?

Yes, in Lightroom by @Charles_Brandt

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I love the China Southern 787 - I just love that livery

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Yeah-it’s a nice one!

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Nice photos! I’m pretty sure that tail of the Flair 737 is painted in the Smartwings (a czech carrier) livery.

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To start with:

What the heck is Flair Air

i’ve never heard of it

It’s a low cost Canadian carrier.

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You would be correct. They wet leased some planes.

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These are some nice shots! Don’t know why and mod would have a problem with it.

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It’s cause I’ve posted 3 spotting threads in the past week lol.

Cool, I was just going to say that some of them look a touch over brightened, or Maby it was just snowing while you were Spotting, but they’re kinda bright, and flaky almost…

You need to promise that? What should I say? haha

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