Spotting @ CYVR (March 18th, 2019)

Hey guys!
So this is my first time spotting in about 7 years, when I spotted with an iPad. Now I’m back at it again. This is the first real world spotting thread from me on IFC. Here’s the information:

  • Camera: Canon Rebel XSI (12MP)
  • Lens: 75-300mm
  • Location: CYVR (Vancouver International)
  • Spotting Spot: Hill in front of Runway 26R

Runway 26R is a landing runway primarily, there were no departures from it on the day I spotted. I spotted from around 1:30 PM till 4:00 PM, took a lunch break, then come back at around 5 PM. Hope you guys enjoy!
Please note that this was done with a 12MP camera, so I apologize for the quality. It’s what I have.
An Air Canada 787 coming in from Hong Kong. The plane was spotting the older Air Canada livery.
An Air Canada A321 from Toronto in the new livery.

An ANA 787 from Tokyo. The reflection gives a nice effect on the plane in this one.

A Cargojet 767 from Winnipeg. It was the only cargo plane to land that I spotted.
An Air Canada 777 from London. The truck on the bottom immediately drove into the runway after this landing and two men hopped out and picked something up. Looked like tire chunks.
An Air Canada A319 from Edmonton in the TCA retro livery. This was a nice catch!

A KLM A330 from Amsterdam. The only A330 that we saw.

A Philippines 777 from Manila. One of two 777s we saw.

An Alaska Dash 8 Q400 in the Idaho Vandals livery.

And finally, my favourite spot, an China Airlines A350-900 from Taipei. My last and newest spot.

Honourable mentions: Air Canada A320 Star Alliance livery, Xiamen Air 787, Sunwing 737, and Westjet 737.

Let me know which picture is your favourite below. I hope y’all liked them. I’m going spotting at another airport tomorrow, so be sure to keep a look out. Until then!
Thanks to @Charles_Brandt for editing!

What was your favourite?

  • Air Canada 787
  • Air Canada A321 (New Livery)
  • ANA 787
  • Cargojet 767
  • Air Canada 777
  • Air Canada A319 (Retro Livery)
  • KLM A330
  • Phillipines 777
  • Alaska Dash 8 (Idaho Livery)
  • China Airlines A350

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Nice job! Didn’t even know AC had a retro!


Yeah, it’s a beautiful livery!


Great photos
Nice too see some more Yvr spotting here


Thanks! Appreciate it!


Just added a poll!

Nice shots there! I really like the 5th picture as it shows comparison between vehicle and aircraft!

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Thanks! I liked that one too!

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Great pictures

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Thanks! Glad you like em!

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I like the A350, so I think you already know my choice, btw nice picture

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Thanks! I was waiting for that one, we had just enough light for it!

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