Spotting @ BFS


All photos are copyrighted to me. Please do not steal them.


Love the Star Alliance ones!


Where was that Virgin Atlantic 747 going? Do you know?

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It was off to Orlando.


When did Sunwing changed the livery? Oh well, still nice photos :)

I don’t know. It is only operating for Thomson here.

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Then I suggest you put a copyright symbol and your name on the pictures, as ouhve no control over them as soon as you make an online post. Just a tip :)


I do have them on them I thought. I must’ve upload the wrong ones.

Wow great shots. :)

Is the 757 the same one that is in IF?

When did you take the photos?

Nice photos Michael!

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Nice pics Michael!

Nice photos!

Wondering why Sunwing flies to Belfast.

Excellent pics. Did you get a chance to see any of the USAF heavies that have been into BFS over the last couple of weeks?

It was on the 14th of July.

Nope didn’t get to see them.

It is operating for Thomson.

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They were pretty cool to see. Massive (which I guess is an understatement). Are you a Killead spotter or a viewing gallery spotter?

Viewing gallery. I take it your from Northern Ireland?