Spotting beyond the runway @VTBS

So there is an open restaurant between the two runways at Suvarnabhumi airport. The quality isn’t meant to be that good because of insufficient equipment (I use a Mobile phone.)

El Al 747-400, A rare sight here

Bangkok airways ATR72-600 Usually depart at night.
Thai airways 747-400.


Now that’s not very nice is it?

I always look forward to seeing a spotting post and love to see different spotters’ effort! Nice job, especially for a mobile phone @Anawin_Roongsaengjan


Agreed! I also enjoy joining any new sporting post to see all of my fellow spotters’ different perspectives.

Great shots and happy new year!!

Thanks for showing your spotting photos I love seeing photos of aircraft around the world keep it up 😊

Thanks for sharing, however we do encourage quality so this topic will be closed. The photos should be easily recognizable and predominantly feature the aircraft rather than a speck in the sky. Appreciate your understanding!