Spotting at Zurich Airport

In this summer i Went to Zurich, and of course, i Went spotting. This was July 5th 2017. Here are some pictures.

Edelweiss a343

Adria’s CRJ

Swiss 777

Swiss CS100

TAP Express E190

Air Berlin A330

Royal Jordanian a320

Singapore’s A380

Air China a330

Swiss a343 and Cathay 777

Thai 777

Icelandair 767


Great photos! Seems your labeling is a bit odd though 😜


Might want to check the captions ;). Nice pics though!

Did you forget a photo?

I labeled it correctly, but it I m trying to fix it

The labels arent as i ordered them to be, but thanks for The comment

Put the name of the plane under the photo like this:

Emirates A380

Now the labels are in the right place, thanks

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Royal Jordanian is such a beauty :)

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The Royal Jordanian looks like an Airbus A319 and not an A320, but all of the photos look beautiful though!

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Dat Royal Jordanian❤

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