Spotting At YVR

First off, thank you to my regular colleagues for this fun and amazing event!

Despite killing my final phase of descent with my 747 (it’s always the 747 that I never get something right) I was able to successfully land at FRA.

Then I thought:

How about some spotting😏

It never gets old.

I find that liveries with a non-white bottom are harder to edit because they get darker no matter what.

The A350 remains a legendary aircraft.

My first time catching a (C130?).

The Cathay A350 (@8SmartFlying and @Vinne 😏)

AF headed off to…somewhere🤷🏻‍♂️

Typical Dash-8 on final, runway 08R

Rare Pakistan International at YVR.

The editing starts to get spicy as @TimShan05 flies off to London Heathrow.

Guess what I edited with this 744.

This one’s pretty obvious.

That’s all for now.
Again, kudos to the regulars for this extraordinary event.
Happy flying!


The 747 was the hardest to figure out what you edited. But it was the last picture that got me looking back to the 747 and I saw the edited gear tilt.

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These shots are superb. My personal favorites are the dash 8 and the CRJ9

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Amazing edits! Great job!!😀

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Nice pics! Casually pretending I didn’t almost tailstrike on rotation there…

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Like the pictures😎😎😎👌

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So glad you enjoyed the Event and amazing pictures you got! Thanks for coming :)

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I like the dark shade the photos have


Beautiful shots mate - however one really stood out!

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