spotting at YVR

What is the Biggest Plane you have seen at YVR?

I have not been to YVR! But maybe look through #real-world-aviation:spotting to see others that have taken pictures of big planes!

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First off, are you talking about in real life or in Infinite Flight?

If it’s in real life then follow below:

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Well, I think it was A380.

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Thank you so Much!

Have you answered my question yet?

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in real life hehe

Well, unfortunately since that you are TL1. You need to be TL2 to post in #real-world-aviation or #real-world-aviation:spotting.

But, I have never been to YVR.

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I’m a Vancouver native!
I saw a Korean 747 coming in once, and a 787 in the first few months after it’s delivery to AC. I don’t spot to often with work and school though. 😕


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