Spotting at YSSY

Had a bit of time to kill while waiting to bored my plane so had a bit of a walk around Sydney’s terminal 2 and took some photos, enjoy


I didn’t know Virgin Australia had A330’s. Nice photos!


It was about to do the trans-continental flight to Perth, cheers mate


Great Photos!

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spiffy planes, nice pictures.

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Nice spotting pics!👍🏼

That’s interesting. They don’t have many long haulers, but the A330 is pretty popular in Australia.
@Louis what quality photos! And what a catch of one of the six A321s. Thanks for sharing.


They operate six A330-243s, flown on Domestic Routes between PER, BNE, MEL (equipped with “The Business”) and a few international routes eg: Nadi. The 77W Fleet have now taken over the Abu Dhabi Route that used to be operated by the A332s.

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This looks absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be doing the same for DIA when I fly to O’hare next month. Thanks for the motivation. You are one awesome dude.

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