Spotting at YSSY (Sydney Kingsford Smith)

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been editing my photos from the 23rd of July and the 19th of August. I am nowhere near finished, but I have a solid number of photos to share with everyone. Most of the photos below have been posted on my Instagram account, @sydaviation, and more will be coming, so feel free to check it out. Most of the photos are compressed, so clicking on them will allow you to see the full quality version.

23/7/17 (23rd of July, 2017)

Virgin Australia 737-800 taking off out of 34L.

Etihad 777-3FX taxiing in front of the only Virgin Samoa aircraft.

Cathay Pacific A330-300 rotating gracefully.

Qantas 767-381F focusing our attention to it’s engines.

Qantas A330-202 slowing down on 34L

Etihad 777-3FX taxiing down Alpha to 34L

Singapore Airlines A380-841 passing the Tower. This was the 6th A380 to ever fly!

Virgin Australia ATR 72-600 taking off from 34L, with a seagull flying overhead

Air New Zealand A320 slowing down past a Tiger Air A320.

A Jetstar 787-8 passing the avgas tanks after landing on 34L

Even the seagulls stop and stare when a 777-336(ER) taxies past

Who’s face is prettier?

The woman in the red shirt really shows how large aircraft are…

Red shirt is back! This time with a red bag 😂

Tucking away after taking off from 34L


19/8/17 (19th of August, 2017)

I spent four hours removing those two poles, and then accidentally deleted it 😂

Up close… 😍

Parallel take off!

Tower: “Turn right heading 010, QF223.” “Turn left heading 320, VA446.” sorry ;)

Did you know Qantas Freight save over 10 million dollars a year by pulling their aircraft to the runway to start their engines? I’m joking ;) This aircraft was actually being pulled from maintenance to the cargo terminal.

Floating down onto 16R

The duck and the kangaroo


Still wearing the 1984 livery. Time for a change, perhaps?


Beginning the unloading process after landing.


One of the two MD-11s that regularly visit YSSY.

2/9/17 (2nd of September, 2017)

The first 747-8i to visit Sydney departing 34L back to Seoul.

Well, that’s about it. These were only the edited photos from the two (not including the 747-8i) dates. I’ve shared maybe 100 photos in this topic, but I still have thousands to edit. For editing I use Adobe Lightroom, and occasionally Adobe Photoshop to remove poles and obstructions. I would strongly recommend Lightroom to anyone who wants to make their photos look amazing. The hard part of creating this topic was resizing the images to fit the Discourse limit, but Lightroom made it a breeze.

(Lightroom allows you to choose your sizing options, and it will apply to each photo you export).

I hope you enjoyed these photos!


These are some really nice photos!!


Great pics love that ATR :-)


Thanks guys! @Nic_Chocolate @Rowdy_Kepler

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Awesome photos, Spencer! Especially the SIA A380 nose picture and YSSY Tower photo ❤


Thanks! My name is Spencer ;) The SIA and Tower seems to be a favourite.


Nice shots. Do you know if the UPS plane was an MD11 or a DC10?


It was an MD-11. I haven’t seen a DC-10 in Sydney before.

43 pm


Amazing! I gotta go to where you go for spotting

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Little rule of hand:

DC-10 - No winglets.

MD-11 - Winglets.



These are the best spotting photos

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Thanks so much John!

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Nice shots. Loving all the freighters

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Nice photos! Mind if I change my laptop background to one of these?

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Thank you! @Alexei and @ewanfleming. Feel free to use anyone of my photos as a wallpaper. PM me for more if you want!

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Superb pics… With nice commentary ☺👑👑

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Hey absolutely Awesome Photos.
I love how you made a little Joke with a few of those pics.

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Great shots! @bensonb

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A very eventful spotting experience. Great job

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I like the vietnam 787.

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