Spotting at YSSY #9 - Spotting in the rain!

G’Day and Welcome to the 9th edition of my spotting sessions at Sydney! When I saw that the forecast was indicating rain I knew that I had to give spotting in the rain a shot, the results are pretty interesting. Hopefully, you see something below that you like. Enjoy :)

The first cab of the ranks is this China Southern A380, the tail of a badly placed Dash 8 is in the way slightly but it is still a nice photo despite this!

To follow this we have the old classic, a Qantas 737 with a smoky touchdown on 16R

An Emirates 777-300 arriving on 16R.

This little baby Dash taxiing past to 16R for departure. Small in stature, just like @Thunderbolt 😈

Singapore Airlines A350 beginning its takeoff roll, bound for Singapore!

This one’s for @Andy_R, the Phillippines A330! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

This one caught me by surprise, not realising that ATC had opened 16L for arrivals I only had a second to catch this ANA 787 appear out of the clouds! You can still see the clouds covering the tail!

A new livery to add to my collection! The Hainan Airlines A330, love this livery!!

A second Emirates 777-300ER touching down, this time the rain was heavier for the arrival! Awesome aircraft!

Last but not least is the Vietnam Airlines 787 seconds away from touchdown on 16R. This is up there with a host of liveries that I adore 😍

These are all the photos I have for today’s topic, hopefully, you’ve seen something you liked amongst these photos. If you have any feedback feel free to leave a reply below or drop me a message, it is all greatly appreciated.

Thanks for checking out my topic!




That’s a lot of rain you got there sir, can I have some


That’s a lot of heavies you got there sir, can I have some


Nice photos Alex!!! I’m very proud of you :)

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So am I 😂. Great photos!


I just want my A380s back

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Omg That China southern A380 is a Beauty. I love these shots!!

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😈Thanks Tobë

Cheers Sam 😄

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Thanks 😄😊

Sheesh, nice shots Alex. You’ve done really well considering the bad weather. Looking forward to seeing more from you mate!

Sick shots mate. Missing our two heavies at Canberra during this pandemic :/

Locations for those shots of 16R?

Thanks Oli 😊 plenty more to come soon!

Cheers Thomas!! Hopefully the heavies will be back soon for you guys 😕

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Next to the domestic terminal. Just down from departures

wow veeeerrrryyyy good pictures!!! Good work!

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Good job! Rain suites well those pictures

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In my country, Qantas does’t come. So I want to see Qantas in Korea!!!

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Thankssssss mate!!

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