Spotting at YSSY #6 - My best session yet!

Hello again!

Wow, this is the only way I can describe this spotting session. The range of different aircraft and near constant traffic was awesome and amazing to see. I’ll be making a google drive available later so that you can see all the shots that I managed to get, there are plenty that didn’t make it into this topic!

Starting off today is a first for me, usually I’ll take shots of the planes as they fly past me, this time I was lucky enough to have them fly over me on final approach for Runway 16L! Here is a Jetstar A320 (VH-VQP), this one caught me somewhat by surprise, I only heard it at the last second and flipped around to grab the shot. This was one of 4 A320s that flew over me!

Next up on the menu is the Air Calin A330-900. This is one that I personally don’t see often and it was a treat to see it again!

This is a special one, I can’t remember the last time I saw a Qantas A330 in the air at Sydney, it’s been a while to say the least. This particular one was headed down to Melbourne. Love this aircraft and the Qantas Livery on it!

Now to one of my favourites from this session. The Singapore A350! The lighting for this one was a total pain when I was shooting, a quick spot of editing has fixed the issues to an extent but it’s still a nice shot. This one was unsurprisingly headed back to Singapore!

A more common sight is the classic Qantas 737. I’ve thrown in 2 shots just for good measure on this one, always love seeing this aircraft out at Sydney!

And for a slight change of pace here’s a Singapore Airlines 747. This is just the second time I’ve got a shot of one of these at Sydney. Love this one!

A first for me is the Qatar 777! This is an awesome looking plane, hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them at Sydney soon!

This next one pretty much captures one of the best moments of the day for me. Having a 787 fly over your head is something special. This Air New Zealand 787 was the first plane to Land on 16L while I was there!

This next one was another first for me! I’ve got shots of the Yam Dreaming 787 before but never the standard Qantas 787. The heat haze wasn’t friendly for this shot but I’ve done my best to make it look nice :)

Second to last is one that has featured a number of times on my spotting topics. The Qantas Freight 767, awesome plane, awesome livery and an awesome airline! The fence got in the way a tad for this one :(

And Finally the DHL Polar 767. This one also features regularly on my topics and personally I never get sick of it!

That’s all I have for this week, hopefully you’ve seen something you liked. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback you have below, it is all appreciated!

Thanks for checking out my topic! :)


That Singapore Cargo 744 is stunning! To bad we don’t get major cargo airlines here, great shots Alex!


Yeah it is! Thanks Kamryn

Kinda jealous of everyone who lives near a major city who still gets heavies…meanwhile over here it’s just RJs, take it or leave it.


It is nice to get all these heavies I must say.

Better than nothing I guess!


This is my favorite shot out of all. Nice shots as always Alex, keep up the great work!

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Thanks Andy! 😊

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Have you ever gotten a shot of a Philippine Airlines livery?

No sadly :( I thought I had but checking then I don’t see anything.

Ughh, I hope you get one soon! 👀


are there much fewer planes due to covid

Yeah there’s been a huge decrease in the numbers. I only really started spotting towards the end of the pandemic here. There’s been days where I’ve waited 20-30mins between planes

hello Air NEw Zealand trying to hide from me? Nice try Your tail betrayed you
Also BEautiful photos

Thank you!

Wow, just wow! Those are stunning. Honestly, idk which is the best.

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Thanks Hudson. Appreciate it! 😊

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I love the photo’s Alex 😍 nice work

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Thanks Robert! 😊

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I like the New Zealand 787 one! Nice job!

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