Spotting at YSSY #4 - Featuring 2 Retro Roo's and a Yam plane

Bonjour, Ciao, Hola, G’day. Welcome back to another edition of Spotting at YSSY. This time we’re up close and personal with the aircraft. I’ll also try and keep you entertained along the way with a bit of commentary on each of the images… So, without further or do here are the shots. Hope you Enjoy :)

Starting us off we have this… interesting aircraft. This is a BAe 146 (British Aerospace 146), this 32 year old aircraft is operated by Pioneer Australia and looks like a baby A380… Cute. Unfortunately due to budget cuts no-one had cut the grass making shots quite hard to get from this particular location.

I also managed to get this shot after it’s takeoff.

Next up is an aircraft that has been featured previously, except this time I managed to get a clearer shot from up close. JA885A is a 4 year old Boeing 787-9 operated by ANA. This shot was post landing and thanks to this new location, for me at least, the show quality was greatly increased.

We are now taking a step back in time, here are the Qantas Retro Roo’s:

First up is the 1959 version, the plane itself is 17 years old. This is the clearest shot I was able to snap through the fence. I featured this same aircraft in my first topic and people seemed to like it, hence its inclusion once more.

And then there was the other Retro Roo, the year of this livery is unknown to me but what I do know is that it is named after James Strong who was the CEO and managing director of Qantas from 1993 to 2001. He also served on the Qantas board following his departure as CEO. It is worth noting that almost fell over taking this photo as can be seen by the imperfections in the image, nevertheless it is still a beautiful livery to look at.

Now we have one of the staples of any Australian airport, a Jetstar A320. VH-VQJ is a 14 year old model operated by Jetstar. These ones never get old or boring to see when I go to the airport… maybe because they’re planes but who knows. Thankfully I didn’t sustain any injuries in the taking of this image, unlike previous shots.

Now for some American Airlines. We’ll start it off with this American 777. Just like many of the planes headed to and from mainland America this flight was a cargo only one. It’s always special to see a 777 takeoff and the sound is like that of no other aircraft, it is truely special.

And if that wasn’t enough here is another big plane. This United 787 was part of a conga line of departures headed down towards runway 34L. No they don’t use 25/07. It was good to see the traffic levels increase even if was only for a short period of time. I adore this aircraft, and what’s better is that the pilots actually waved back at us :)

This next one actually comes with a pretty cool story, funnily enough we met the Father of the pilot in command of this Emirates 777 who had come out to watch his son’s departure. Really nice livery as well, sadly these big jets are coming in less and less frequently. Hopefully more of them will make their return sooner rather than later. Also there is a pole in the foreground that is extremely annoying. I’ve attempted to remove it with some magic but I was unsuccessful. :/

And now we’ve got this beauty. I’ve previously shown off a touch down shot of the Singapore A350 and now we have a shot of one rolling out after landing. I love the design of the A350 and I always get excited when one of the comes into Sydney. I only just managed to get this shot as we were getting Into the car to leave.

And now for what is possibly the best looking livery out there, well at least to us Aussies. It’s Yam Dreaming. This is hands down the best looking plane I’ve ever seen in person, the flight being undertaken by this aircraft was the Flight to Nowhere operated by Qantas. Unfortunately our location didn’t allow for the best of the best photos but I’m happy with this one that I got.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this batch of photos. If you have any feedback feel free to either DM me or reply below, it is all welcomed.

I’m hoping to head back out to the airport at some point this week to get some more photos to add to the collection.

That’s all I have for today, Cheers for checking out my topic! :)


Maybe @Choccymilk you and I can make it a weekend job to cut the grass


I can see that working… We’ll have to ask the security guard next time 😉

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Get money for flight training while spotting

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Now that’s a reason to do it. $50 an hour sounds good lol

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My favourite shot just has to be the Singapore A350. Such a beauty, both of aircraft and livery.

Then there’s the scenery, I love the water of the bay, the rocks, and the container cranes in the background.

The shot just looks so clean with the lighting and such. Nice shots.


Glad you like the shot 😊

It’s one of the cleaner ones that I was able to get, the lighting just worked so well for me.

@alexev want me to bring my victor mower??

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Ahhh Cameron, that made me crack up. hahaha. I reckon we’d be there for a while with that one.

For those of you who didn’t get the reference:


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Ill bring my ride on mower and wear my akubra hat 🇦🇺

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Madness. Lol

These 2 are my favorite! It’s my all time favorite aircraft so that explains that. Beautiful shots mate!

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It was an unexpected one to see. Very special.

Glad you like the shots 😊

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Missed your comment. Sorry 😬

Thanks Abdullah 😊

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Great shots mate!

When I was a kid I was so curious about the BAe 146, such a unique aircraft
Btw great shots!

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Cheers Cameron!

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It’s a very interesting plane indeed, and very unique.

Thanks! 😊

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Nice to know that spotting is a dangerous thing…

Awesome photos! Love those retro liveries!

And happy IFC cakeday/anniversary!

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