Spotting at YSSY #3 Featuring a lot of badly placed poles

Hello and welcome back to another one of my spotting topics. Once again these shots are from Sydney as suggested by the title of this topic. For those of you who saw my topic yesterday you’ll understand my reference to the 6 million polls.

So without further or do, here are the photos…

First up we have this 9 year old Atlas 747-8 Freighter (N856GT). This particular aircraft at the time was being operated by Qantas. Sadly as you can see a pole was in the way to an extent, nevertheless it’s still a cool shot of this big bird lifting off. (Editing attempts removed more of the plane than the pole so I’ve chosen to leave it in)

Yesterday’s post also featured a Jetstar A320, except this shot allows for you to see the plane up close. VH-VGI is a 10 year old A320 operated by, you guessed it, Jetstar. Thankfully no poles were able to get in the way of this shot.

Next up is an aircraft operated by an interesting airline. In front of you is a 25 year Saab 340, Rex operates these aircraft on routes from the major cities of Australia including Sydney (Not the capital) to the more remote areas of the country. In 2017 the propeller of one of these aircraft fell off during a regular flight. It was also once rumoured that Rex intended to purchase A380s to compete with Qantas on unpopular regional routes. An interesting airline to say the least.

Once again, due only to the limited range of aircraft on show I’ve had to feature a United aircraft. This is the same aircraft from yesterday’s topic but taken from a different trip. N2737U is still a 3 year old 777-300. This photo also features a Qantas A330 parked near to Runway 25/07.

And now we have the bamboo aircraft. No it’s not made from bamboo, although that could be cool… VN-A819 is Bamboo Airlines first ever 787-9 Dreamliner, this was post landing after its flight from the Covid capital of Australia, Melbourne. And unless I am very much mistaken this was the first time a bamboo 787 has flown into Sydney!

To change it up a little here’s a Beechcraft Super King Air 350C. I only just managed to snatch a photo of this as it flew over us. The RFDS is without a doubt one of if not my favourite Real world airlines to spot, the work that this group does is truely special and I highly recommend reading about them.

And just so you can see where this shot was taken from, the red circle is where I was and the arrow is the direction of flight.


And back into the most popular style of aircraft among Infinite Flight Users, big ones. Here we have an Emirates 777-300 (A6-EGH) after landing. I would have attempted to get a touchdown shot but, as I mentioned yesterday YSSY is a poorly designed airport. It wasn’t poles this time, rather a row of trees that had been planted there just to annoy the average spotter just trying to watch the one plane an hour land. Pardon the rant.

And here we have a heavy plane performing a rather short takeoff. To give you the basic information on this plane, it’s a 14 year old Boeing 767-300 (ER) operated by Qantas Freight. The magnitude of this aircraft nearly made me fall over when it came blasting past, just to clarify I was clumsy and nearly fell over… But the takeoff was truely magnificent to watch.

I thought I’d also throw in another 767, this one is a 27 year old aircraft operated by Air Transport International (ATI) Like it’s Qantas Freight brother the takeoff was rather short compared to some of the other aircraft on the day. This photo also features one of the notorious poles of Sydney airport…

And just for good measure here’s another 767. This is a weird cross between DHL and Polar Cargo. The plane itself is 8 years old and is owned by DHL and operated by Polar Cargo. The lighting here wasn’t exactly ideal so early in the morning but it’s still a nice shot in my opinion.

Hopefully you’ve seen something you like from these photos. There are plenty more photos to come soon so be on the look out for those.

Camera — Canon EOS 700D

And that thing about Rex buying A380s… Yeah that was a joke :)

If you’d like to read about the Royal Flying Doctors service check them out here:

Thanks for checking out my photos :) Spotting at YSSY #3 Featuring a lot of badly placed poles


Great photos mate! Gotta love the poles at Sydney lol

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Haha thanks. It’s almost like they did it on purpose lol 😂

I got to say, that is one nice pole. That grey color really makes it stand out from the rest of the enviorment. Interesting design near the top I must say those covering on the top there really help bring it together. The two struts that connect that covering part looks really nice and helps the overall design although some might call it odd I really like it! Additonally— oh wait, we were talking about the plane, weren’t we? Oh, okay, gotcha then. (Although I did like talking about the pole)

Seriously though, nice photos!


Hahaha. 😂

The plane is nice, the poll… it’s special

Thanks 😊

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I’ve seen this beauty multiple times in CHC and I must say they are truly impressive aircraft, one of my favourite to spot

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Wait there are two Sydney’s? That must be confusing lol.

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Oh nice. Yeah it really is one of those special ones. Always get excited when I see one on the arrivals list.

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Nah haha. Just making sure that people know that Sydney isn’t the capital lol 😂


Ohh, well then at the risk of sounding ignorant I figured it was lol. Guess I didn’t really thought about it but it’s Canberra now that I actually think about it lol. Sorry about that 😂

I was about to feel really bad for you guys because there is enough between the city and state of Washington here so if you had two cities I can only imagine haha.

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Folks! I have an announcement

The poles were not the issue and never were. It was the photographer. Thank you.


Now let’s just hold on a second here. Thank you. It was clearly the poles because they were in the way.

That should clear things up. Thank you


Thank you

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Haha sorry if I confused you lol 😂

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Stunning shots @alexev, keep up the good work!

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Thanks Andy 😊

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