Spotting at YSSY #18 - DC3 + New King Air

Howdy, thought I’d collect some of my favourite shots from the last few weeks into one topic. A few special birds have visited us recently so check em out below, cheers ✌️

9V-SHL | Singapore Airlines | A350-900

A7-BAA | Qatar | B777-300

VH-AUS | HARS | Douglas DC3

VH-EBF | Qantas | A330-200

VH-EFR | Qantas Freight | B767-300

VH-NBR | Pel-Air Aviation | King Air 350C (Got the first picture of this brand new aircraft 😏)

VH-ZNH | Qantas | B787-9

VH-VEU | Link Airways | Fairchild Metroliner

VH-SBA | Regional Express | SAAB-340

VH-XZJ | Qantas | B737-800

My Gear:

Camera: Canon EOS 700D
Lens: Canon EFS 55-250mm

More Photos:


Cheers ✌️


I love the DC-3 and the nighttime photo of the 767! Oh, and the Metroliner too.

Awesome photos man!

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That Qantas Freight 767 is just… magnificent 🤩🤩🤩

Amazing work Alex!

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Cheers! The DC3 was quite a special one to see, at Sydney of all places!

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Thanks Man! Much appreciated

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Wow really nice pics!! :)

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Amazing job!

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Thank you!

Cheers!! 😊

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