Spotting at YSSY #15 - Early morning spotting in the rain

Hey Everyone, welcome to another addition of my Spotting at Sydney series. For this session I hauled myself out of bed before the sun was up so that I could get the international arrivals first thing, Sydney recently suffered a weeks worth of rain which made for some interesting shots. Here are the best shots that I got, hope you enjoy them :)

I also have an Instagram account that I started this week which you can check out here. (alexevans_aviation)

To get us started here’s VH-MSZ operated by the Royal Flying Doctors Service taxing past at Sheps mound. Just before this one departed a Qantas Link Dash 8 Q400 suffered a bird strike causing some significant delays.

Next up is the first of many panning shots for this topic, here we have VH-EBL a Qantas A330-200 operating between Sydney and Perth

Next up we’ve got a rex SAAB 340, VH-RXQ zooming past on 34L headed for Dubbo

To follow here is PK-GHC, this Garuda Indonesia A330 came rocking the Mask on livery. Rather fittingly you can see the First Officer has a mask on.

And following this was the departure of the Qatar 777-300 A7-BAH. This photo shows just how wet the runway was!

After this was the arrival of JA897A, an ANA 787 with a beacon.

Next up is the plane that I took on my trip to Vietnam at the end of 2019, VNA863 a Vietnam Airlines 787.

Following on from that we have the Virgin Australia 737 VH-VON blasting off of 34L

And here’s another 737 departure, VH-VZZ operated by Qantas

To follow we have the exquisite Thai Airways 777 HS-TKY launching into the sky off of runway 34L

Here’s something a bit different in terms of looks at Sydney, VH-LPS is a Learjet 35A operated by GoJet. Notice the wingtip fuel tanks that are found on the 35A model!

Sydney is no stranger to surprise visitors, VH-NKQ is a Fokker 70 operated by Alliance Air. This particular aircraft is based at Brisbane and rarely ventures into YSSY.

One of my personal Favorites from the day, United Airlines 787 N25982 roaring past sheps mound headed back home to the USA.

A slightly newer kid on the block is VH-PAG, the Regional Express 737. This one has been busy on the Sydney to Melbourne Route!

And last but not least is the American Airlines 777-300 N728AN heading back over to LAX

That’s all I have for today, hopefully you’ve seen something you liked. If you’d like to see more check out my instagram: alexevans_aviation for daily photos.

Aircraft info from this session

Royal Flying Doctors Service

Qantas A330-200

Regional Express SAAB 340

Garuda Indonesia A330-300

Qatar 777-300

ANA 787-9

Vietnam Airlines 787-9

Virgin Australia 737-800

Qantas 737-800

Thai 777-300

Learjet 35A

Alliance Fokker 70

United 787-9

Regional Express 737-800

United 777-300

My Gear:
  • Camera: Canon EOS 700D
  • Lens: Canon 55-250mm



First! Loved the Qatar photo, the wet runway adds so much to it!

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There are all absolutely stunning, Alex! One of the best spotting topics I’ve seen on the forum! I really like that Mask On livery! Not to mention the United shot you took is just perfection!


Awesome photos! I really love the shot of the American 777!

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Thanks :) yeah it certainly does!

Thanks Jarrett, I really appreciate that 😊 Thanks!

Cheers! :)


Some great stuff in here, nice work Alex.

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Thanks Andrew :)

The United 787 has a good appearance in the new livery. The overcast background flows well with the pictures, thanks for sharing.

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These are very nice. Definitely deserves more likes

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simply stunning

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It would be a shame if the weather decided to ruin your day…

Oh wait…

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It’s certainly a good looking livery. Thanks, appreciate you checking it out :)

Cheers! Eh likes aren’t everything at the end of the day, just putting these photos here for people to enjoy :)

Thank You!

I mean… it kinda flooded my house… does that count?

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You didn’t tag me! - 😡

I never knew it rained in Sydney? 😏

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These are some nice photos! Well done!

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Awesome pictures Alex!!!

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Tusk Tusk Tusk… Of course it rains in sydney… you only get snow in England…

@Captain_Cign will that suffice?

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Thanks! :)

Thank You Blake!

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Beautiful photo for the Fokker, love it!

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Thank you! Appreciate that :)

Beautiful shots Alex! That UA 787 🤩