Spotting at YSSY #14 - Featuring some heavily backlit shots

Howdy! Round 14 of Spotting at YSSY is here after quite a little while, I’ve been busy getting ready for things ;)

Kicking things off is the new Rex 737 with the registration VH-REX. One darn good looking plane 😏

Next up is a Virgin Australia 737 rolling past at sheps

And the reason for my visit, the Shanghai Airlines 787 looking mighty fine

Changing things in the size field here’s a smaller plane the 525 Citation, looks like @Thunderbolt roasts are back

Hong Kong Airlines have recently cleaned their A330… I think they missed a few spots here and there.

Thought it would be good to show off the Royal Flying Doctors service again so here ya go

Now for the big chungus plane to show up, here’s the UPS 747 post touchdown on 34L

I think this one’s a first for me but who knows, Qatar’s 777-300 :D

To follow here’s a shot of the Qantas Link 717 sporting the Discover Tasmania Livery… FrEsH.

Next is one that all of us in the so called upside down land would love to see at some point in 2021, the Qantas A330 😍

Another Classic one is this Qantas Link Q400

And to cap things off a Qantas 737 departing into the Sunset to close this topic off

That’s all I have for today, hopefully you’ve seen something you enjoyed amongst this collection of photos. As always feedback and advice is always accepted and appreciated.

Cheers! 🍻


I specialize in backlit photos. No worries!

Still great shots!

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Haha, thanks! :D

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Great shots mate!

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I adore blacklit pictures lol. Awesome shots mate!

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Great photos as always!

I really hope we get the QF livery for the reworked A330!

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Thanks Sam. Fingers crossed for that 330


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Great quality! Love it :)

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Thanks :)

Amazing Photos!
I really like the cool lighting!

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Thanks, appreciate it! 😊

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Quality content Alexa!

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¡uɐǝlɔ ʎɹǝʌ sʞool 0ƐƐ∀ ʇɐɥʇ 'ǝʇɐW soʇoɥԀ ʇɐǝɹפ

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This is the same Dash 8 as is in-app!

Some truely wonderful shots, Alex! All the best with your Qantas Training Testing over the next coming days!

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Thanks Abdullahlala :)

(: sǝʇᴉɹnoʌɐɟ ʎɯ ɟo ǝuo sʞuɐɥ┴

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Damn I did not realise that, cool!!

Thanks Adam! Just touched down in Brisbane, very wet :/


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