Spotting at YSSY #12 - Sunset session at Sheps Mound

Howdy, Everyone. Round 12 of my spotting topics from Sydney Airport! This round of photos contains, as always, plenty of Aussie Registered aircraft! Hopefully, you see something you like amongst these photos :)

And getting us started is the Enormous UPS 747-8!

Moving on we have the Qantas A330! Caught this perfectly with the sun setting behind! This is without a doubt my favourite shot ever!

And to follow that another Qantas A330!

Next is one for @LordWizrak the Malaysian A330!

To follow this we’re headed back to the VH registered aircraft with a Qantas 737 exiting the runway!

To change things up a tad here’s a FedEx 777 blasting down 16R on its takeoff roll!

And for yet another change we’re headed back to the Aussie registered Aircraft! We’ve now got the SAAB 340 operated by Rex (Regional Express) to look at.

Following on from this is the Virgin Australia 737 rotating on 16R! Beauty!

And second, to last is a special livery! And it’s a special one, the QantasLink 717 decked out with the Discover Tasmania Livery. Damnnn this looks fresh 😍

And to wrap up, a Bombardier Challenger operated by ExecuJet! 💸🤑

That’s all I have for today, I do hope you’ve seen something you liked today! As always any feedback on the above photos would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, this is likely to be one of the last of my spotting topics, from Sydney at least. I will be moving to Melbourne next month for university so this little series will be no more. 😔

Thanks, Everyone!


Pretty cool picture

On second thought yeah ain’t no TBolt disses 8/10 failed me my child…


No TBolt disses 0/10


Second Shot= 🔥 🔥

All shots= 🔥

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Oh bruh. The one thing I forgot to add :(

@Thunderbolt = really short

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I know I’ve said this 100 times, but awesome, awesome photos once again Alex. The Qantas A330 with the sun in the background is pure beauty. You’ve got an insane talent their Alex!

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I’m picking up some awesome vibes from this


Thanks Hudson! I really appreciate it!

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Thanks so much Declan! Maybe we can go spotting when I make it to Melbourne!

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Yes, yes and yes! Send me a message when you do and that is more than awesome!

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Will do 😉Might see you around campus too!

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Uh huh uh huh

Nice pictures alexxxxx

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Thankssss Joeeeee

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What camera did you use @Alex_E

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Hey! I’m currently using a Canon EOS 700D with a 55-250mm Lens

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You monster I love you <3

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Now go get the A359 and A388 😜

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Send them to Melbourne and I will ;)

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Go to Sydney ya lazy twig

And while you’re there VFR your way to the air force base I dare you