Spotting at YSSY #11 - Mendoowoorrji and Jaffa Jet

Hello Everyone! Welcome the 11th round of my spotting trips to Sydney, the cloudy skies on the day made for some interresting shots in my opinion. This topic will be heavily focused on the Aussie based airlines just like before so I hope you enjoy the shots!


Getting the ball rolling is this beatiful Qantas 737 sporting the stunning Mendoowoorrji Livery. Hawt is the word to describe this one.

Next up is the standard Qantas 737 blasting off of Runway 16R. Still very hawt

I’m not entirely convinced if this next one counts as a special livery but I’m going to name it the “Wonderful Indonesia Livery”. Very nice looking plane!

Ok, this one is definately a special livery… and boy is it cool. This is jetstars attempt at a special livery, the Jaffa Jet! Hawt

Next up is the ANA 787 arriving in on 16R, awesome!

And back to the Aussie registered aircraft, here is a BAE 146 operated by Pionair Australia! Love this one!

And here’s the smallest plane of the day, the Dash 8 Q200 operated by QantasLink

Next up is the Regional Express (Rex) SAAB

And for something a bit different, it’s the Air New Zealand A320 Neo!

Second to last is this interesting livery on China Southerns A330!

And Finally, the Cathay A350. Can’t go wrong with this plane

That’s all I have for today, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my topic! As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for how I can improve let me know, it is all greatly appreciated!



Nice photos! So many interesting liveries!

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Such a nice variety! Great job @Alex_E!

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There is a curse on jaffa jet and me as I can never get a picture of it when its in Sydney

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No Tbolt diss?

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Amazing as always, Alex! 🛫

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Very nice livery, I love the white&black

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Sheps Mound I presume?
On another note, stunning photos!

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Thanks! 😊

It’s a good sight 😃 Thanks! 😊

Maybe next time ;)

He needs a break 😏 Next topic I won’t be so nice

Thanks Adam!

😍 Thanks 😊

Correct! Thanks!



As always I can only say very well done as this topic once again features many very cool planes and especially special liveries I’ve never ore only rarely seen before, which are very well captured too!

My favourite must be the BAE146 as I have never even heard of this Airline before and the plane also is a rare sighting nowadays, but the Jetstar and Qantas‘ liveries are a certainly a close second.

Thanks very much for sharing this really well made topic!

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Thanks, Julian! The BAE is certainly one of my favourites too!

Thanks for the continued support 😊

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Awesome photos Alex, once again.

Love the Mendoowoorrji livery on the 737!

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I likey

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Titan airways’s layers might want to have a look at this livery

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Thanks Declan! 😊

Me likey too

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Nice to see this old Titan BAE still going strong

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Did you know JaffaJet isn’t in IF. Sad :(

Amazing livery tho, very nice color combination.

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Neither is the Mendoowoorrji Livery. We can only dream for the time being 😔

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