Spotting at YMML

Hi everyone, Obsidian here.
Today I went spotting at YMML in some rather “challenging conditions” (aka 40 knot winds and a downpour). I have a few photos (About 500) but I thought I would share the best of them.

Firstly, a Singapore Airlines 777-300ER - 9V-SWL operating as SQ238 from YMML-WSSS

Air Asia X A330-300 “10 Xciting” Livery - 9M-XXF operating as D7215 from YMML-WMKK

Tigerair Australia A320-200 - VH-VNG operating as TT518 from YMML-YBBN

Jetstar Australia A321-200 - VH-VWQ operating as JQ432 from YMML-YBCG

Air China and China Southern A330’s holding short of runway 34

Qantas 737-800 “Silveroo” livery - VH-VXM operating as QF676 from YPAD-YMML

China Airlines A350-900 - B-18912 operating as CI57 from RCTP-YMML

Air New Zealand 777-300ER “All Blacks” - ZK-OKQ Executing a missed approach after being hit by severe windshear

Jetstar Australia 787-8 - VH-VKI operating as JQ12 from YBCG-YMML

fun fact, member @LachyRobertson was on this flight, I hope he waved hello!

Virgin Australia 737-800 - VH-VUS operating as VA730 from YBCG-YMML

Cathay Pacific A350-900 - B-LRD operating as CX105 from VHHH-YMML

Air New Zealand 777-300ER “All Blacks” - ZK-OKQ operating as NZ123 from NZAA-YMML

Singapore Airlines A330-300 - 9V-SSC operating as SQ247 from WSSS-YMML

Shanghai Airlines A330-200 - B-6545 operating as MU738 from YMML-ZSPD

Jetstar Australia A320-200 “#Jetstargeneration” - VH-VGF operating as JQ562 from YMML-YBBN

Qantas A330-200 - VH-EBB operating as QF485 from YMML-YPPH

Air Calin A320-200 - F-OJSB operating as SB110 from NWWW-YMML

(I still have a few more photos left, I’ll save them for a part 2)

What do you guys think of this piece into the action Down Under? Any feedback I could use to improve? This was all shot on a Canon EOS 1300D.

Thanks everyone and I’ll see you round. :)

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Wow, nice pictures! Nice catch on VXM (She’s in IF) I love the overcast sky! :)


Thanks so much mate! I really appreciate the feedback.


Nice shot !!! Really love it 😍😍😍😍

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Orange Jetstar. 😍


I actually flew on her a few months back. She’s a really nice aircraft.

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Well yeah it’s orange!

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Nice pictures @Oli_H!

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Thanks mate! It was very hard weather today but it was all worth it!

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Great pictures mate! Awesome to see you got a shot of my arriving flight :)


Wow, you got all the action! AirAsia special livery, Jetstar A321 w/l, Silveroo 737, A350s, 787, Jetstar jaffa and Aircalin all in one session! Great shots.

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Wait, really…!!!

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I love the AirCalin A320 in there! Great Photos!!

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Great photos. A tripod always helps for shots like the last one. 😉

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Thanks! It was all worth braving the weather to catch some of these special liveries. In fact, I’m saving one for part two.

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Fantastic pictures!!!

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Fun Fact: back in 2016, I was supposed to be flying on JQ432 ON THIS DAY!! But, as usual, Jetstar stuffed up again… so I was put on JQ444 which was 5 HOURS later.

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Amazing pics!!!

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