Spotting at YMML & YPPH (Trying a new location)

Hi all, here you are, spend some time scrolling through the endless amount of spotting I did. Click for full res as usual!

(If a photo seems different from others in colour the reasons behind this is the angle, day, time and weather, some photos were taken on different days)

Perth YPPH


Melbourne YMML



Hope you enjoyed!!


Can you please tell me the spotting place for YMML : )

They look amazing

Haha that’s a little secret

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Its a cute little fokker.

Come on, man, seriously…


Qantas domestic terminal. Head down to the end of the terminal which the Sydney etc flights arrive in. (Gate 1,3,5 etc)

You will be at a gate which is right at runway 27!

Can you point it out at Google map, : p

Nice photos! I love the Fokkers.

Happy forum anniversary :)

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Love the Qantas link!

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