Spotting at YBBN | 01 2020 | Featuring A380 And 787-9 Dreamliner

Hello Everone, recently I went spotting at my home airport Brisbane International, the sun wasn’t in the best position but got some decent photos, hope you enjoy!

Camera: Canon Eos 400D
Location: Acacia Street Loop, Brisbane Airport
Time: 5:15-8:00

A Qantas A330-200 Arrived From Hong Kong

A cool livery to see, a Batik Air B737-800

Another Qantas A330-200 however it is wearing the old livery, arrival from Singapore

A Qantas 737-800 taking off at sunrise ♥️♥️

Korean Airlines 787-9 from Seoul

An Huge Emirates A380 after a long flight from Dubai

A not so good Tigerair A320-200

In my opinion, my best shot of the day, this Jetstar A320-200 taxied right past after being worked on and being towed back to the Domestic Terminal

My final one, a view of the busy domestic terminal.

I hope you enjoyed, which one was your favourite?

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Number 4 that silhouette is absolutely beautiful well done!


That golden hour shot of the Jetstar A320 is so nice! Just for a few of them adjusting the light would make a huge difference!

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The Silhouette of that 737 is so beautiful, the sunset and the clouds are a good mix!

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Amazing pictures! Did you by any chance catch the QF8 diversion from Dallas?

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Yes I did, but i didn’t get a good photo at all :(

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Thanks all and answering @Aero, I tried but the lighting just didn’t work out :(

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@Aero have a look now!

Just briefly, which photo looks better? The a380 above has lower exposure but this one is higher? Higher or lower?

I love this one, much better!

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With higher exposure?

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Yes definatly

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Thank you! Any other photos I should change the exposure on @Aero or anyone
I did the Tigerair but want to know if there are any more

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I would say the Korean air and the 3rd Qantas A330

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737 arising from the forest 😍

Stunning backdrop too. Wonderful shots and variety.

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Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!

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For All Those Who Want To, As Long As You Ask Me (Dm) You Are Welcome To Use Any Of My Pictures!
@Mr-plane-guy1, @EyesSkyward @den.aviation, @Aero, @GlobalFlyer1 along with anyone else who wants!


That sunset is incredible! Wow!

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