Spotting at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio

Today I was driving through Dayton Ohio and stopped to spot at Wright-Patterson Air Force base. I was able to see a C-17 doing pattern work around the base here are my pictures. Enjoy!


TFW when you have been inside of non-public parts of this air force base and onboard one of the C-17s based there


Ahhhh, you bring back some great memories. If y’all don’t believe us, here is a picture from the top hatch on the aircraft! 😉

And one more cause I’m bored

Don’t mean to take the attention from @Chicago_Aviator’s topic


No worry’s @Wattsup_jet really cool pictures!

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Really cool pics, both of you!

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Wow those are insanely cool!!

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I am on the highway now and just saw a C130 flyover sorry the first ones not focused

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