Spotting at Wellington

Hey guys,

Today I decided to head over to my local airport, NZWN to do some spotting! I’ve actually just moved to Wellington so I didn’t have my regular camera set-up with me (Nikon D750) and had to use my phone instead! Anyway, enough of me talking, hope you like the pictures!

The 737 coming in from Melbourne!

The most exciting departure of the day!



A special livery! (Sorry about how bright it is)

Hope you liked the pictures! I’m always open to comments and feedback! (:


Cool pictures. But try to get the whole plane on the pictures and for the 3th picture try to get the front. But great pictures my friend! :)


Yeah, I was actually running from the end of the runaway after an A320 had just landed to try and get a pic of the SQ 777.

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Aaah Wellington! Such a cool airport!! And a windy one too! If you want to get XP go there in IF for touch and goes…always windy conditions!
No ATR72 pics? Lots of them fly in and out of Welly!
That Singapore Airlines is the biggest plane that can land there (and I think the only one actually)

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I know, it’s a fantastic airport ,especially for spotting. And yes, I love flying there in IF, a challenging yet beautiful airport! And yeah, very very very very windy.

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I’ll see you there sometime in IF then, I am a NZWN regular! And if they release the ATRs at some point I will fly from there even more doing some NZ regional routes…

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For sure! I’ll see you around!

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Picture taken by me last year at Welly Airport…guess who hired this 767 ;)
(Apologies for the bad picture quality)

Awesome! Guns n roses?

Yeahhh they played last year at Westpac and came in at Welly airport in style! Ha!

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Wellington is such a good aircraft to watch from.

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It sure is! It’s a relatively open airport with great locations to spot at!

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