Spotting at Wellington (Singapore Airlines 777!)

Hey guys,

Today me and a few mates decided to head over to NZWN to do some spotting, unfortunately, it was cut short by a thunderstorm that was closing in, but hope you like the images I got!

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Starting off with the Singapore Airlines 777, the largest scheduled aircraft to fly to Wellington!


The Dash party!

The Airbuses

The ATR-72


What was your favorite image?

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Awesome photos! Instead of making a new topic I believe these photos belong in this thread

Nope, pretty sure they don’t. Those are just to post your best shots, you’re allowed to make thread’s with several pictures from a single trip. You can check with a moderator if you need to confirm that.


No need for a moderator… I’m sure this topic is fine as is. I was just making sure

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Yes, @TheFlyingKiwi he is aloud to make a topic about all his spotting photos, my topic is just to reduce the amount of topics made for one or two spotting photos. Thanks for the help tho bro 🤙.

Great Air NZ shots bro, really like the a320 shots!


Honestly really good looking pictures, they were clear and my favourite is Air New Zealand on the taxiway. Great pictures!

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The last one is awesome! 😃

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Great shots, so much detail! And I love the lighting. Picture 7 is my favourite, the angle is quite interesting.

I thought the 777 was going to be the SIA one with no titles that flew to Sydney today. It is being leased by Air NZ. A very unusual sight indeed.


I just love the gear tilt on the 777!
Great pics!


That first shot with the beacons and the houses in the back. Absolutely amazing!

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Great pictures!

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Thanks! Glad you like them!

Thanks! That was my favorite from the trip as well!

Me too, and the moment it touches down with the gear tilt, it’s really satisfying!

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All very nice ! Great shots .

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Haven’t seen that, that is a bit funny indeed! I think since this was coming from Melbourne it would have been another aircraft!

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Thanks Jack!

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You’re welcome! Good spotting there cheers !

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Thank you! I liked that as well, a nice livery for the tomahawk!

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Gotta love the taxi way shots! Glad you liked them!

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