Spotting at WALL & WADD



Lovely photos! I have a liking for that Citilink livery!


Cool pictures, my favorite was the Lion Airlines 737s at the terminal​.


I wish ATL had a glass jetway like the first pic.

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Me too! Luckily most of the terminal is glass.

That’s true too.Nice pictures.

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That third to last photograph you took is truly stunning!

Lovely photos! ❤ I wish WIII is more spotting friendly like WADD

The approach to Lombok is really beautiful! Wish I can go to both Bali and Lombok someday. Waiting for cheap fares on AirAsia or Citilink 😂

Is it me or that Lion 737s looks beauty from that angle? Nice shooting angle imho!

Beautiful wing view,. We that in Indonesia? All photos were great

Nice Photos! Cool to see different airlines rather than the normal ones in the US! Thanks for sharing!

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