Spotting at UUDD 03/03/2019

Hi everyone! Yesterday I went to one of Moscow airports and got some cool videos.
To be honest, I expected good and sunny weather ☀️, but as you all know (Those who live in the North or in countries with a rather cold climate will understand me) when I arrived at the airport, there were clouds and even a snowstorm ❄️ ☁️. But this didn’t prevent me from getting some cool shots! When I checked METAR, the lowest visibility was around 5 kilometers (IRL it was much lower) and wind was from 9 up to 15 kts.

In the video you can see how planes are fighting with wind up to 15kts (not too strong though). And you also can hear it playing with camera 🎥. Also you may notice some airlines you have never seen before, such as Ural Airlines, Алроса (Alrosa) and other airlines.

Have a nice time sitting on a soft couch and drinking hot tea while watching this video! I hope everyone will enjoy.


Thanks! Some a nice long 34min video!

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Nice Video…thanks


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